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Siddharth Panchal

"I am a professional pilot working with a leading airline.  Being on the international fleet of operations, I end up doing at least 3 india - us flights a month.  This requires long hours of sitting, adjusting to multiple time zones and very very irregular food timings.  This led to severe chronic back aches and the problem proliferated with time. I also started experiencing lack of energy.  I needed guidance to deal with this.  That's the time I approached Binaifer Lalkaka. I found her consultation precise and to the point.  She was able to identify and understand my fitness requirements.  I found her very professional and a good listener.  She customized an exercise and a diet plan for me that was easy to follow and fun too.  I am experiencing a more fitter and toned body within a month of following her program.  i would not have done it without Binaifer.   I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to explore a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Siddharth Pancha

Nirav Patel

Best exercise in ahmedabad. ..too much fun...i m coming in blms since two years but every day i feel something new...so much variety in her exercise that you gonna love to do that...best part is same intensity and energy and rytham through out d class...very effective and well planned exercise work on your each and every part of your body...her usp is TRX exercise. ..you'll not found such type of advance exercises in Ahmedabad...i lost 14 kg in just 14 week. ..by completely healthy way...no starvation and no torchering of body..diet is very scientifically designed for every individual... in Blms weight loss is very easy and fun .she makes weight loss effortless. ..her programme is very scientifically well planned and managed...she personally involve and monitor whole programme...

But seriously i never felt i m doing diet or i did lots of hard work. .it happened very easy. .. Now new target is 85 kg...final and max target. ..then six pack..

On a lighter note, I love being in the front row. Binaifer Lalkaka knows that and threatens to send me to the last row! This keeps me working so hard - to keep my space!!

Prerna Delhi

In today's time we all are busy earning money and becoming wealthy. Wealth of name, fame, luxuries, monies but amidst all this we forget that the BIGGEST WEALTH is our HEALTH. In the entire process of living we forget our health by not eating the right food, right quantity at right time.

In this era of specialisation why not outsource this task of being healthy to someone who knows best WHAT, WHEN & HOW MUCH to eat?

If i tell about myself, I am CA final student working 16-18 hours daily plus staying away from home, and staying in hostel which makes the best combination that forces me to eat out, all the ready made, quick meal, and junk food resulting "Obesity"...!!

I weighed around 85kgs back in Nov 2014 and that was enough to trouble me mentally and physically, always looking for XXL size clothes, counting calories nd got absurd nick names from everyone like "kaddu", "motu"... blah blah.. and yeah physically my weight started hurting my backbone, my knees, my legs were swollen up because after eating JUNK they were not strong enough to handle 85kgs. Well as every cloud has silver lining and it was my time to kick off this trauma, I approached Binaifer for the help. I don't know how & why I trusted her so much may be persom who recommended her is reliable, and I am glad because trusting is the basic element when it comes to your health.

Well getting along with her was always easy a few steps process:-

  • Make payment
  • Fill questionnaire
  • Follow your schedule(which is customised and nearest to our regular eating habits)
  • nd every single query solved over phone (who has time to run to her place..??)

RESULTS:- Within 15 days you will feel energetic, healthy, excited and most important lighter, better hair, improved skin quality and the best one people stay noticing the change nd they will compliment you the best. .😊

And in my case within 3 months of following (not very strictly, usually I took 1 day off from 1 time meal and had whatever I wanted) I managed to reduce 15 kgs in a short span. I started shopping Medium & large size clothes, instead of becoming photographer in every party I started getting my pictures clicked:-)

I dont want to stop the success story at 15kgs, but wants to make it 30 kgs, so renewed my subscription and its just a week, with all enthusiasm and energy I am ready to rock again.

Nehali Dani

Binaifer's diet did wonders to me, helped me to reduce 22kgs in 7 months time n get back to my normal pre-pregnancy weight':) really appriciate her indepth knowledge of food n nutrition.


Uma Vinod

Hi...I am DR Uma Vinod,an eye surgeon by proffession.I have hypothyroidism and at a high risk of diabetes..as I had borderline diabetes in my second pregnancy.Being a dr i have always been conscious abt my health , have been an avid exerciser,and have been exercising regularly since last 6 yrs .But in the last 2/3 yrs my weight started showing an upward trend...and no amount of exercise or my careful eating seemed to work.I seemed to have hit a plateau.With increasing wgt host of other problems knee pain,thyroid going out of control with max meds.Binaifer has always been a good friend since i have trained with her and i happened to mention my prb to her...Thats when she suggested a nutrition plan.I liked the fact that she called it a nutrition plan and not a diet plan.Armed with the common knowledge that wheat is more beneficial than rice I had completely substituted rice for wheat...in my routine.I was surprised with what she did she completely cut out wheat and substituted with alternative grains.Slowly and steadily the results started to show and my weight which was stuck for 2 yrs started to go down with the same exercise schedule i was doing before.It was the marked change in the body parameters which amazed me my lipids bmi tsh all became normal.Inspite of cutting down my food intake volume to half there has been an increase in the energy levels and of course the high of looking gud compliments wearing good clothes is always there!i celebrated my 40 th bdy after i lost 13 kg i felt and looked much younger.What surprised a lot of ppl was the fact that foods like banana mango were a part of my plan which usually are the banned foods .So i guess diet s not the right word healthy eating is the word.Going off wheat seemed to be very difficult then now it is a part of my daily routine.A special thanks to binaifer who made me understand how imp nutrition or rather correct eating is mandatory for being fit.She has always been one on one in this journey with me..and at the age of 40 when the body undergoes massive changes and feeling good and fit is one of the last things achievable ..I attained my fittest best and still becoming fitter.Binaifer is now going to help me run the half marathon and cyclothon this year ...and for the first time in my life i believe i will be fit enough to do it...thanks.

Kruti Raval

When binaifer first handed me my diet and workout plan, i laughed out loud when i read " objective: lose 20 kilos in 6 months" . And all she said was Quote " i will deliver" Unqoute. And boy she did. 20 kilos lighter and more importantly supremely confident about my fitness and stamina now, i cannot thank her enough.

The best thing about binaifer, her involvement in my working out n eating healthy doesnt stop when i leave the studio after our daily 1 hr group workout session, (which by the way is by far the best way to lose calories while also making awesome friends). I know she will be there for me any time of the day when resolves are breaking down n all i want to do is raid the fridge - one cAll to binaifer and am back on track. You are the best ..

Dr. Grishma Bhutta

BINAIFER?....who's she?.

A gorgeous lady, a devoted mother , a dedicated and sincere professional, , a woman of today, a woman of Substance!!! My appreciation for her will never end but she is the ONLY diet and exercise professional who has made me achieve my dreams...We have had a long journey...helping me through odds n problems through my second pregnancy...coping with stress , depression......to getting me back into a much better shape with a healthy body and a prettier look!!! From 85 to 65.... She made it so feel so easy with that smile on her face!!

With BINAIFER the advantage is that she has thorough knowledge of our body anatomy and that's how exercise injuries can be avoided. My heartfelt gratitude to BINAIFER...you're THE BEST!!!!!

I would highly recommend BLMS for anyone who thinks health is a priority of life and exercise a fun routine . Guys go for it!! No second thoughts....

Dr.Grishma Bhuta

General dental surgeon


Rahul Sanghani

Dear Bianifer,

Transformed from the words : Ice creams, cheese burst pizzas, Vada paun, Bhaji paun, Tea with extra sugar, chocolates, full menu Punjabi dinners, full menu of Gujarati Thaalis, Late night cold coffee with Ice cream and cheese sandwitches, etc etc.. and what not...

To : calf muscles, shoulders, abs, gluteus, push ups, running, sprinting, biceps, triceps, aerobics, dry fruits, fruits, green teas, protein, minerals, low fat, carb, lower body, upper body, push ups, running, cycling...

Super journey from 93 kgs to 69.5 kgs, XL – 44 size – L size and now to M and 39 size, 38 waist to 31 waist.. Started the journey in June’2013 and still tarvelling and enjoying this amazing journey ...

Under your guidance could complete half marathon in less than 2 hours, half cyclothon in 1 hr and 46 mins, and now going for marathon at Los Angeles and San Francisco too..



Rahul Sanghani
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