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Personalised Nutrition

At BLMS, we place major emphasis on NUTRITION!

'Dieting' to most people, denotes starvation!

We believe in 'NUTRITION' - to perfect health and wellness!

The best exercise program cannot be BENEFICIAL or SUSTAINABLE without proper nutrition.

From just FAT LOSS nutrition, to food plans created for individuals with MEDICAL CONDITIONS, we not only consider your present health status, but also take into account your GENETIC HISTORY!

Each nutrition plan is not only crafted to perfection, but is also constantly evolving according to the client's requirements, compliance, improving health etc.

Local as well as overseas clients reap benefits of our INDIVIDUALISED, EVOLVING, EASY TO FOLLOW nutrition programs!

[We also provide long distance nutrition plans! Some of our clients who reside abroad and whom we have never met in person, are our happiest clients!]

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