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About Us

A 360 degree approach is the ONLY approach to complete wellness!

YOU are unique!

We bring together correct eating and ways of exercising suitable to YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE!

We are a team of 'professionals with a personal touch'! The best INDIVIDUALISED health programs are created and executed with great care for each of our valued clients. Our health coaches are fine tuned with each clients conditions and health requirements! They are capable of training clients with varied health issues to progress towards better health again. They are also as capable of training the fittest clients striving to reach higher fitness goals!

The BLMS team is lead and trained by Binaifer, a Lifestyle Management Specialist.


About Binaifer


Not just very HEALTHY herself, but also at her FITTEST BEST, Binaifer says,

"My journey to wellness started when I hit rock bottom!

When in high school, my friends were envious of my looks, skin, hair! But a very early marriage, dealing with tiny kids and a fast paced life sapped me completely! I neglected my health to the point where I felt drained of energy right from the time I woke up in the morning. I lost clumps of hair and put on so much weight I could not believe it was me in the mirror! My confidence crashed!!

My haemoglobin kept dropping, until the day I fainted in the bathroom!

That was the turning point when I 'woke up' to realise that I had to pull myself out of the mess of health I was in!

I set out trying gyms and crash diets suggested by friends.

When nothing worked, I decided to study wellness for myself.

Multiple fitness and nutrition certifications later and so many kilos lighter, I enjoy 'RADIANT HEALTH' and the fact that my school friends are still envious of me at the reunions [thank God they did not see me during my 'bad health days' ;)]

I want to help people come out of their 'bad health days' as well!

Lifestyle Management is not just my business, it is my PASSION!

I know exactly how a person feels when going through poor health! Carrying extra fat around, feeling low on energy all the time, looking and feeling older than he/she is!

Returning to health, means returning to SELF CONFIDENCE!

At BLMS, we strive to bring YOUR CONFIDENCE and HEALTH back to you!"

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